Venus on Mars Collection

VoM collection

Author Jan Millsapps and Jaded Ibis publisher Debra Di Blasi are actively committed to creating and disseminating books that are fluid and dynamic in multiple formats that span traditional print models and digital, mobile devices, and that feature freshly crafted stories that capture the reader’s imagination in unheralded ways.

The Venus on Mars collection represents a writing and publishing future in which stories are more than text, ideas expand beyond the printed page, and multimedia serves to augment and connect written concepts by use of images, sound and movement.

The Venus on Mars Collection includes:

Print Editions:

  • Black and white interior
  • Full color interior featuring artwork by Debra Di Blasi
  • Both editions feature scannable QR codes that link to online multimedia components

Digital Editions:

  • Ebook formats for all mobile and digital devices
  • Full color multimedia study guide
  • All digital editions include links to online multimedia components


  • Sounds and music by Phill Sawyer, with readings by Jan Millsapps
  • Transmedia documentary (coming in 2015)
  • Online quiz to test your knowledge of Mars


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Black-and-white print edition, full-color print edition, ebook, multimedia editions are available from Jaded Ibis Productions.

I want to see words flying off the pages, pages flying out of books, until there are no books left that behave themselves as traditional literary forms.

Jan Millsapps

future book event

Etienne Mineur, Jaded Ibis Publisher Debra Di Blasi, Martin Zimmer and Author Jan Millsapps at Books of the Future event in October 2013

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