Madame Mars:

Women and the Quest for Worlds Beyond

A documentary for our newest space age

  • tells the story of women and Mars – the challenges they have faced in their efforts to explore the red planet, and the contributions they have made to our knowledge of Mars
  • educates, inspires and motivates the next generation of Martians – especially the girls and young women who hope to pursue careers as space scientists and space explorers
  • prepares us all for our next great space adventure…


The Madame Mars team intends to educate, inspire and motivate girls and young women to pursue careers and opportunities as space explorers and scientists, and to prepare us all for our next great space adventure.

We have assembled an impressive group of scientists, educators, designers, and Mars specialists of every kind who will guide, create and populate this unique mission that is not only a film, but also an interactive, crowd-sourced living laboratory of women working in the space sciences and in space exploration, designed to invite participation by young women seeking to help humanity – and themselves – get to Mars.

Watch the Madame Mars trailer:


  • Yvonne Cagle, Astronaut, NASA
  • Donna Shirley, Engineer, JPL (ret.)
  • Carol Stoker, Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames
  • Susan Jewell, Space Doctor, Mars Without Borders
  • Kenya Armbrister, Mars One Finalist
  • Lynn Harper, Astrobiologist, NASA Ames
  • Margaret Race, Mars Ecologist, SETI Institute
  • Teresa Segura, Mars Archaeologist, Loral Space Systems
  • Heather Archuletta, space technician and Pillownaut blogger

and more...

Madame Mars is produced by the Documentary Film Institute and the Veteran Documentary Corps at San Francisco State University, and by TransmediaSF