Beyond Venus on Mars

VoM collection

Venus on Mars represents a writing and publishing future in which stories are more than text, ideas expand beyond the printed page, and multimedia serves to augment and connect written concepts by use of images, sound and movement.

In addition to the novel, available in print or digital format, both with augmented moments throughout, the Venus on Mars story includes:

Suite Venus, an original sound design with four tracks inspired by the story and characters created by musician and sound designer Phill Sawyer. Additional tracks feature Millsapps reading from the novel.

Madame Mars: Women and the Quest for Worlds Beyond, a comprehensive feature documentary featuring stories of women integral to the exploration of and knowledge about the planet Mars. The Madame Mars project includes additional, transmedia materials oriented toward girls and young women.

Print Edition:

  • Featuring "augmented moments," scannable QR codes that link to online multimedia components

Digital Edition:

  • Ebook formats for all mobile and digital devices
  • All digital editions include links to online multimedia components


  • Suite Venus, sounds and music by Phill Sawyer, with readings by Jan Millsapps
  • Transmedia documentary
  • Online quiz to test your knowledge of Mars

The "transmedia" movement seeks to spread one story or expression over multiple platforms and devices, so the reader doesn't get everything in one place; part of the fulfillment of reading this way is to self-assemble the parts into a meaningful arrangement.

Jan Millsapps