Mars: Your Guide to the Red Planet

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An interactive science companion to Venus on Mars filled with illustrations, videos and engaging discussion topics.

From the Introduction:

This is your guide to understanding and exploring Mars.

First we’ll take a whirlwind tour through the rich history of our observation and exploration of Mars. We’ll ask ourselves why we’ve been so fascinated with our planetary neighbor for so long, why we’ve come to accept the existence of Martians, and why we’ve decided that, perhaps, Mars will become our next home.

And then, because the first Earthling to step on the red Martian soil has almost certainly been born and may even be reading this document, we’ll look at present and future events that serve to expand our knowledge, pique our interest, and fuel our desire for more, more, more, more, more MARS.

What makes this guide to Mars distinctive?.

In this account, you’ll experience the drama, the intrigue and the challenges humans face as they edge closer to life on Mars - including the sometimes arduous route taken by women, from early efforts of Victorian-era women who found inventive ways to explore Mars, even though they were denied access to major observatories, to mid-century space-age women, still marginalized, but eventually claiming valued jobs as engineers, programmers, rocket and planetary scientists, and eventually as space explorers. This story culminates in present-day efforts to prepare humans – ALL humans - for their biggest space adventure ever – traveling to and inhabiting Mars.

Video From the Study Guide:

Questions From the Study Guide

What do you think about our current plans to send humans to Mars?


What do you think we'll find when we get there?


On our next big space adventure, will we find that women have achieved pioneering parity at last?

pioneering parity